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Group Medium Readings

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Coming Soon…

Schedule a medium to come to you and read up to 8 of your friends.  Perfect for parties, girl’s nights, and special occasions.

Ghost Hunting App

Ghost Hunting App

Use this fun ghost hunting app for your cell phone during the Terrell Ghost Walk. Popular among previous tour guests, it provides an interactive experience while visiting haunted locations. Although it is a novelty and not for serious investigations, our team finds there are a lot of “coincidences” happening.

Our Introduction to Haunted Hill House

Haunted Hill House Mineral Wells Texas

Past disaster has left an indelible mark on this property it audibly speaks to its visitors. Most guests leave in the middle of the night, fearful of the force the energies provide. Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team experienced this for themselves. The spirits produce a ferocious presence that can be felt, heard, seen, and sensed unlike any location we have investigated.

Ghosts Are Watching You

Shadow man with hat

The availability of affordable technology has enabled people to watch their homes constantly. Families are starting to witness events they ordinarily were oblivious to. New footage that usually belongs to the realm of inconceivable entities suddenly seen lurking in their living rooms. We’ve received numerous panicked phone calls from terrified families asking one thing: “What the hell is in my house?”.