Haunted Hill House, the House That Talks to You, and Then Tells You When to Leave!

S1 E15

Published on 05/26/22 Length:  35.35 ​Hosted by:  Brenda and Mary Jo


Intelligence Committee Briefing on UAP Disclosure

Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas, has at least nine named Spirits, and the walls talk to you, literally!  Read children's books to Joshua and hear him call you "Mommy," listen as the nonhuman entity tells you what his plans are for you (not nice plans), and seek a safe room somewhere in the house.  Guests leave in the middle of the night, or earlier, and big strong men scream and run down the stairs fearing whatever just scratched them, or worse!  Our team spent two nights there, and this podcast barely touches on the extent of our experiences!

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Intelligence Committee Briefing on UAP Disclosure
S1 E14