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Ghost Hunting App

Ghost Hunting App

Use this fun ghost hunting app for your cell phone during the Terrell Ghost Walk. Popular among previous tour guests, it provides an interactive experience while visiting haunted locations. Although it is a novelty and not for serious investigations, our team finds there are a lot of "coincidences" happening.

How the ghost hunting simulator phone app works

It has a dictionary of several thousand words.  Theoretically, spirits speak in frequencies lower than can be heard with the ear, and this app can pick those words up.  The word then appears on the screen.  There is also a meter that visualizes the strength of the sound frequency.  Words are stored in a database for later review.  

Essentially, it is an app for electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).

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Ghost Hunting App

The main screen shows the strength of the sound.  It also features a word from the dictionary that it understands the spirit voice to say.

QR Code Ghost Hunting Simulator App for Apple
Ghost Hunting Simulator App for Apple

After the session is complete you can review the word history.  This allows you to put together full thoughts or ideas a spirit may be trying to communicate.  This is a really cool feature.

Ghost Hunting App
QR Code Ghost Hunting Simulator App for Android
Ghost Hunting Simulator App for Android

Have you Used This App? What do you think? Reliable or a novelty?

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