Our Introduction to the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas

Past disaster has left an indelible mark on this property it audibly speaks to its visitors. Most guests leave in the middle of the night, fearful of the force the energies provide. Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team experienced this for themselves. The spirits produce a ferocious presence that can be felt, heard, seen, and sensed unlike any location we have investigated.


Only experienced paranormal investigators should be investigating at Hill House.  It might appear to be a surefire thrill for someone looking for an adventure, but there are places safer to help you gain experience.  Hill House is steeped in tragedy and trauma on an unprecedented scale. Ghosts may interact directly with you. An abundance of disembodied voices and electronic voice phenomena occur, along with growling and hissing at you. Scratching, biting, pushing, and dragging people off their beds are common forms of assault.   In these types of environments, malevolent energy will also follow you home or could make you ill.  The visitor assumes all risk.

The rock stars were to be separated from the groupies in this house. It was easy to tell which group guests came from. The groupies would flee in the middle of the night to a local hotel. There they only had to fear a bad case of bedbugs. Let that sit with you for a second: Bed Bugs vs. Demons.

I should rethink my line of work.

Haunted Hill House Mineral Wells Texas
The Haunted Hill House


My colleagues began to talk about this unprecedented, haunted home:  The Hill House of Mineral Wells, Texas.  Since it was only a short two-hour drive from my home it seemed stupid to pass up, right?  Pretty soon, there was a reservation for myself, my mother, and a trusted ancillary investigator.

It was a mixed bag of sweet spirit children and several very hostile older men.  The old men were quite angry and were threatening, to say the least.  All night, there were repeated whispers in the air around me.  Not surprisingly, upon audio review there was some very unnerving evidence from them. You could clearly hear growls and hisses directed at you when you were casually walking around the room.

The video below is from an investigation team that is posted on the Hill House Website.  I could watch these one thousand times and still enjoy it.


The haunted Hill House of Mineral Wells also has its share of malevolent entities.  If you live in the Bible Belt of the country, you call them demons as we do.

After a few years of paranormal research under my belt, I was certain I had experienced about as much as I ever would. I had seen my share of shadow men and researchers scratched, attacked. We have found mind-blowing Class A EVPs, video, audio, and photographic evidence. Once I felt a spirit pass directly through me. Our small team did not think we could easily become rattled. For me, the ability to communicate with the afterlife was not a question of being real or not. It was as real as any other thing in life.

In other words, “Hold my beer. I’m going in.”

Haunted Hill House Mineral Wells Texas
The Poker Room


Let me start by saying that the beds were wonderful. We all felt at home. The caretakers, Cathy and Sonny Estes, made sure that we felt at home.  Snacks, a variety of drinks, and even donuts the next morning were such a pleasure.  The house is immaculate.  Cathy and Sonny were personable, friendly, and Cathy has an encyclopedic mind on the home’s history.  It was amazing, and I would give a complete 5-star Yelp review from me if it weren’t for all those damn demons.

The real thrill for me had nothing to do with the wonderful amenities and good company.  Instead, it was the professionalism of the nerve center set up in the kitchen.  Every inch of that place, inside and out, was covered with a high def CCTV camera.  If something happened, you can even go back to the footage, review it, and capture your copy on your cell phone.  There was no need to put up a million cameras.  It was surreal, and I knew the next time we went, someone would need to come to watch the nerve center cameras. 

Hill House CCTV


One of our investigators returned from the loo, something, invisible to the naked eye, was standing beside her and sounded an audible growl towards her.  In practice, when dealing with an entity trying to elicit fear, she ignored it, despite her nerves.  She was a pro.  


Let’s face it, the most ass-kicking job every paranormal team encounters is dealing with all that fricking equipment.  Starting a week early and went through things meticulously.  Living up to my years as a Boy Scout leader, “Always Be Prepared.”  What happened after setup?  We couldn’t find anything.  Batteries were not where we put them.  Spirits drained the batteries in the devices beyond what is normal usage.  Nothing would sit on the tripods—a real nightmare mess.  


Cathy, the homeowner, provided us with a tour when we arrived.  We had many questions, and there was a lot of activity, so we were with her until 11 PM.  Meeting back at the nerve center, we started to get our investigation ready.  It didn’t take long.  At least, it didn’t feel like it felt long, but somehow, it was suddenly 1 AM.  We have no idea what happened during that time except what we have on our documentation recorders, placed on our arms.  Everyone was dazed and confused during that time, but not in the good “Dazed and Confused” way I used to get in college if you know what I mean.  


I was staying alone at the nerve center, trying to make sense of the mess of equipment.  I noticed something on one of the screens.  Orbs.  Not just any orbs.  Orbs by the dozens and had contrails.  They moved with intelligence.  Centered in a room called the “moonshine room,” they were unbelievable to watch.  I called for my colleagues to go to the room immediately and see if they could get any documentation there.  The second a researcher stepped into the room, they disappeared and reappeared in the adjacent room.  They were mesmerizing. 

The video below is from the Haunted Hill House Website and YouTube page.  We have an orb video coming soon that we took.


My mates were eager to go to bed.  A conversation ensued about how the three of us would sleep in one room.  I had no intention of sleeping, and I wasn’t fearful of being alone.  It might provide an opportunity to use the spirit box, do an EVP session, or be quiet to see what I might observe.  The fraidy-cats went one direction, and I went another.  The agreement was that our doors be left open.  It turns out I needed them later that night, but they could never hear me call from the room in the back of the house to the room in the front. 

It also turned out that I didn’t have the big pair I thought I did.  

I could hear noises, footsteps, distant voices, and what sounded like conversations throughout the house all night.  It was surreal.  I wasn’t frightened until I heard a voice standing right beside me.  A young child, known as Joshua, asked me if I would play with him.  I will address this in-depth in another blog.  This experience was personal, intense, and the most substantial paranormal event I have ever had.  

Our team found this strange EVP later.  It occurred in the house while I was sitting quietly in bed.  It must have been one of the voices I heard in the house.  It appears to say, “Follow me.  NOW.”


We were analyzing the audio evidence from the recorder we left on the foyer’s piano.  Just to see if anything came up.  Well, we got a strange goodbye.  

While we were munching on donuts and putting up equipment, someone decided to make sure we were leaving.  This man was sick of us.  Listen below to this unedited version of sound we found.

We will be back.

Brenda Newby

Brenda Newby

Paranormal Researcher: Terrell Paranormal | EVP Specialist | Terrell Ghosts Business Owner | Author: The Ghost Stories of Terrell, Texas | Podcaster: Terrell Paranormal Talk | Registered Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator | Tour Guide: Terrell Ghost Walk

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