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Online Training, Merchandise and Equipment Rental Coming Soon!

Enter your contact information below and we will send you a text and/or an email before we publish your desired evening.  Once we contact you, all you must do is register through your email/text and have a secure place on our small tours.  If we have not heard from you after 48 hours, we will do our best to follow up before releasing it to the public.

Tickets are $40 per person and are refundable, with a 12-hour notice.  You are welcome to transfer your tickets to another friend, or, youy, you bribed a weirdo with it, so he would quit staring at you in the elevator.  Whatever the reason may be... We won't ask and you will not be required to tell us.

If you do need to cancel your reservation after the 12-hour status, please call us.  There are times we have others on a waiting list who would love to take it.  If we can fill your spot, we are happy to give you back your hard-earned Cachola.  

Easy, right?

  Successfully Submitted

 We will send you a link to officially reserve before we open your preferred date(s) to the public.  You will have several days to make a final decision, if you need it.