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Who we are

We are a paranormal team established in 2012.  Our training started with a mentor group made up of engineers and scientists.  Currently, we serve most areas of Dallas and Kaufman County, both residents and businesses who are experiencing intense amounts of potentially supernatural episodes.

There is no charge for our paranormal investigation services. 

However, we do have several listed services that we offer for a fee.  (All prices are listed in advance)

We are a 3-generation team:  Grandmother, Mother, and Son:  Mary Jo, Brenda, and Dayton

Terrell paranormal team
Texas Paranormal Investigators
jefferson ghost walk ghost photo of man of the grove
The Photo That Started it All For Us
Taken at the Grove House in Jefferson, Texas

Our Mission Statement

Practice paranormal research with objectivity and critical thinking. Expand the knowledge of how science can be used to qualify and quantify communication with the departed. Work with other paranormal professionals to compare data and methodologies.  Work with unbiased experts and specialists, to review evidence when answers cannot be reached.  Stay current in various sciences, technology, and methods

Core Traits of Our Business Model:  Honesty, Integrity, Discretion, Confidentiality, Transparency, Trust, Never Intertidally Mislead, and Keep Our Word.

Most importantly, help those that need answers to possible paranormal events in their home or business 

Always treat the living and dead with respect, empathy, and dignity.


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"I believe in the souls of humans, and I believe in the conservation of those souls."

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