Terrell Paranormal Investigators
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Terrell Ghost Walk Investigation Video

Haunted Location Spirit Box Session 


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Since 2014
Featured on

Ride Texas (w/ Texas Monthly)     

CBS News

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1080 AM Texas Road Trippin

The Terrell Tribune

Front Cover of Kaufman County Life (Spring 2014)

Terrell Ghost Walk Haunted Building

Explore Downtown

Explore a side of downtown most long-time residents have never seen, hear the stories of the things that go bump in the night

Ghost Photo in Haunted Building


A Paranormal Investigator Will Facilitate the Use of Professional Equipment and You Are Part of the Experience.

The ghost stories of terrell texas a collection of true and amazing hauntings as told by paranormal investigators

Buy the Book

With your ticket purchase you can also pick up the book for only $10 (Regular $15.99). Signed by the author and has many, many more stories about the hauntings in downtown Terrell.


Brenda Newby Paranormal Investigator

Brenda Newby is the creator and owner of the Terrell Ghost Walk.  She is a paranormal investigator, with the most experience conducting EVP evidence and dealing with malevolent non-human energies.

She is a paranormal author and a trained Mutual UFO Network field investigator.

Brenda knows the ghosts ofBrenda Newby Paranormal Investigator Dayton MUFON Terrell well as she has collected the stories from the person who experienced it or she experienced it herself.

Brenda also works closely with Mediums and Sensitives and is a memBrenda Newby Paranormal Investigatorber of the Rhine Research Institute out of Duke University. The organization has been studying psychic phenomenon since the 50s.

She LOVES to give this tour!

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