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Living or Working at a Haunted Location

  • No one should ever be afraid to live in their own home or work where they feel uncomfortable.  Often, spirits come back to visit people, places, and things they love.  
  • Rarely do we have problems with aggressive or angry energies.  
  • We understand how frightening a haunting can be.  After all, it is not what we consider “normal”. hence the name paranormal.
  • Stay calm.
  • Read our frequently asked questions below to understand more.
  • Document all potential incidents.  Include the following information:  Date, Time, Weather Conditions, Witnesses, Detail what happened.
  • Check out our blog on Is My House Haunted?
  • Contact us so we can answer or address any concerns.
"In the 70s, Duke University came to the Homeplace to research the spirits here. I would never allow any other teams to investigate. I picked Terrell Paranormal because of their reputation. I would do it all over again. Not only did they validate what I believed but the professionalism and care they showed with the house was beyond what I ever expected."

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to practicing paranormal investigation and research with objectivity and the application of critical thinking. Being confident of substantial evidence is essential to expanding our knowledge regarding communicating with our dearly departed. Working with other paranormal professionals, staying current in various sciences, and being technologically steadfast is imperative for advancing the field. Technology has advanced, in one decade,
faster than at any time in history. There are more ways to measure and experiment like never before. Soon, we hope to lay rest to theories of quantum mechanics and give them proof of their long-held ideas. It is through these ideas the world may finally have the answer to what happens in the afterlife.

The Paranormal Investigation Process in Steps

Call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.  One of our investigators will spend time trying to understand the overall issues you are experiencing.

At this point, you may feel better having some tools to work with.  Some individuals and families decide they want us to take a closer look.  

If so, we will conduct an onsite interview.

We will have you complete an online survey in order to make sure we have all of the necessary information.

After that, we will come to the active location.  Our photographer will take control photos and  base readings of the location to identify the natural atmosphere.  We will examine areas of activity and discuss an organic causes  to the events.

Any person you would like for us to talk to would be interviewed, with your permission.

After we have visited the location, our team will meet and discuss a plan for investigation.  Every investigation varies but they follow an general format.

First, our Medium will walk through the property and provide us with any impressions she has.  We ask that you accompany her but do not provide any information unless she asks a  question.

The investigators will then set up equipment.  We have equipment that includes the following:

  • video cameras
  • still cameras
  • thermal imaging
  • sensitive audio recordings
  • devices that measure electricity, static, magnetic changes, barometric changes, and 3D shapes not seen with the human eye.
  • trigger objects to help increase spirit energy, if present
  • other tools as necessary

The evidence review is lengthy and can take about 6 weeks to complete.  The entire team will go through the evidence.  Soon after, the team will meet to discuss their findings.

We discuss each piece as a team.  Our initial goal is to find an organic cause for any potential paranormal event.

A final report will be compiled discussing any evidence we may have found.  Audio clips, video, still photos, medium findings, or unusual atmospheric changes will be placed on a flash drive for you.

The report will explain anything discovered during the investigation we believe is relevant.  We will do our best to explain your total experience and provide additional tools to help settle your spectral guest and help you feel safe and secure.


Paranormal Investigation Process


Most frequent questions and answers

Information is kept between team members from the first phone call until the investigation, if needed, is complete.  Each team member signs a confidentiality report for every investigation.

Some places may want to advertise its haunted status, if so, the client signs an agreement stating what information they want the public to know.

In some instances, we may use vague recounts of a private haunting for blog posts, podcasts, or other similar means.  If so, care is taken to protect the identity of the client.   No details are provided.


We provide all portions of the investigation free of charge.  This is standard in paranormal investigation.

Beware of any team that wants to charge you to investigation, to do a home cleansing, or anything similar.


Submit a request for an investigation through the provided link or call our office at 972-546-7536 or email at [email protected]

Start documenting any additional events that happen.

Complete the Initial Client Paperwork online.  Complete the Apparition Form if necessary.

Someone will be in touch with you soon to discuss your case further and talk about details and options.  We can also answer any questions for you.

Just like you have a neighbor who blasts loud music at inappropriate times, simply speak to them.

Remember, we are dealing with people on the other side and that never changes.  Be polite but firm about it.  Remind them that it is now you location and thier actions make you feel nervous.  Then ask them to refrain from upsetting you and your family.

This seems so simple but it works almost 100% of the time.

It is almost unheard of for someone to have a typical haunting to be in danger.  Our theory is this… if a spirit comes back to a location, it is usually to “check in.”  

Sometimes, they may want the new property owner to know that they are present.  The easiest way for them to announce themselves are to create strange noises, move easy to move objects, and interfere with appliances such as lights.

It is simply someone trying to get our attention.

Media Attention and Affiliations

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