Meet Rhonda

Company Partner/ Paranormal Investigator / Tour Guide / Business Office Manager


Meet Rhonda: the paranormal enthusiast who turned to investigation after experiencing some life changes that left her craving something new. When she’s not busy managing the business affairs at the office, she’s the spectral Sherlock Holmes of Terrell Ghosts.

Rhonda’s tours are so fun, even the spirits don’t want to miss out. She’s got a sixth sense for spookiness and a knack for making the undead stand up and take notice.   She is consistently our 5-star tour guide.

With a brain stuffed with every ghostly factoid from the authories of organizations such as the Rhine Research Institute, Rhonda’s the walking Wikipedia of the weird. She’s got more paranormal know-how than you can shake a dowsing rod at.

Drop by for one of her tours – it’s a supernatural experience you won’t forget, because Rhonda’s the kind of guide who brings life to the afterlife!

Contact Rhonda

Rhonda Grimes

 972-546-7536 ext. 103 (voice only)

  (469) 837-9716 (voice and text)

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Rhonda Is a Member of the Following Organizations

The Terrell Chamber of Commerce
The Kaufman Chamber of Commerce