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Terrell Ghosts: Bridging the Gap Between Science and the Supernatural

  • Raising the Standard of Paranormal Investigation

    • ​​At Terrell Ghosts, we navigate the intricate interplay of cutting-edge technology and the fervent pursuit of the paranormal. We strive to elevate ​educational standards and honor the memories of those who have passed, transcending the initial thrill that often clouds judgment.
  • ​Merging the Scientific & the Experimental

    • ​​Our mission is to harmonize the elements of serious psi research with the fresh perspectives of on-site investigators, free from the constraints of ​conventional experimentation. We recognize the merit in both established and emerging methodologies, anticipating that they will illuminate each other ​in unexpected ways.
  • ​Encouraging a Mutual Dialogue With Diverse Ideas

    • ​​We champion collaborative exploration, open dialogue, and the exchange of ideas to synthesize diverse forms of knowledge, fostering insights and validating new theories.
  • ​Dispelling Fear & Embracing Legacies

    • ​​Embracing the paranormal signifies a comforting continuity with our loved ones. At Terrell Ghosts, we seek to dispel fear and open hearts to the ​​enduring presence of spirits among us."

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Terrell Ghosts Shareholders

Mary Jo Woodruff Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team

Mary Jo, Owner

Mary Jo was a founder of the original Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team, with her daughter & grandson.  She currently is a huge influence and critical team member in all things related to Terrell Ghosts' team and business.  

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Brenda Newby Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Owner

Brenda Newby, CEO

Along with her mother and son, she founded the group Spirit Research Team, which eventually became the team and business:  Terrell Ghosts. 

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Laurie, Co-Owner

Tarot Expert, Tour Guide, Course Facilitator, Social Media Manager

Laurie wears many hats for Terrell Ghosts,, but she is definitely an expert in the reading of tarot cards.  She hosts tarot circles monthly and she is bringing her tarot skills to the classroom soon.

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Rhonda, Co-Owner

Office Manager, Tour Guide

Rhonda is the manager of our business office and a consistent 5-star tour guide. Her multifaceted role at Terrell Ghosts is a testament to her versatility and eagerness to delve into the paranormal realm.  

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