Terrell Paranormal Investigators
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Be a part of the experience or have an experience yourself.

Quarter mile walking tour shows some of the most haunted buildings in Terrell's small business district

Participate in a paranormal investigation in an extremely haunted building using professional equipment

Bring your cameras and see if you can capture anomalous pictures to submit in our seasonal photo contest.
Saturday Nights


Most Frequently Asked Questions


The Terrell Ghost Walk will have a tour guide, also a paranormal investigator, who will take you around town and describe individual experiences and stories we collected from the person who experienced the encounter.  This is a family-friendly tour, but every child is different.  You are the best judge if ghost stories may frighten your child.


The Terrell Ghost Walk runs every Saturday night at 8 PM.  Reservations are required and group sizes are limited.  The tour lasts about 2 1/2 hours in total.  The walk runs March through October of each year.  

Our tour has been running since 2014.

Being Prepared

There is a lot of walking on the tour. We cover sidewalks, alleyways, and gravel paths. Wear good shoes and dress according to the weather conditions. 

The walking portion of the tour is handicap accessible except the Haunted Building, which has difficult stairs.  

The haunted venue does have potential respiratory hazards, including but not limited to mold, dust, and bird feces. We discourage those with respiratory issues and compromised immune systems to skip this portion of the tour or wear an N95 mask. We will have some available if needed.


Ghost Photo in Haunted Building


The Terrell Ghost Walk is broken into two parts:  Outside and Inside.  During the outside portion, we will visit a few of the most active buildings and you will have a chance to see some of the amazing parts of Terrell most residents have never seen.

The second portion is held inside of one of the most haunted buildings on Moore Avenue and a part of what we call “The Paranormal Triangle.”  You will participate in an investigation using professional paranormal equipment as we all try to get the spirits to interact.


We meet in the parking lot across the street from Books and Crannies/Iris Theater.  You will see the Iris Theater marquee.  Our group will be visible and you will see the mural of an airplane in the lot.  

The physical address is 209 West Moore Avenue.  It is at the cross section of Frances Street and Moore Avenue.

See Map

Photo Contest

On the Terrell Ghost Walk, bring your cameras, tripods, and a desire to catch something eerie.
This season, we’ll hold a photography competition to see who can capture the best find.

Soon, you will be able to upload your shots for others to vote on.  The photo most voted will receive a prize up to $100 in merchandise.

Submissions will end on November 15th and voting will end on December 15th.  Voters will be announced within that week.

Make Reservations

Reservations can be made through Eventbrite, who we trust with all of our events.

Tickets are $25 per person.  No need to keep  a copy of your reservation.  We will have your name on file.

Walk-ins can only be taken if the tour is not full.  Places do fill quickly so consider getting them early.

Reserve Here…

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