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The Terrell Ghost Walk

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Be a part of an immersive experience.

Quarter mile walking tour showcasing downtown Terrell’s haunted buildings

Participate in an investigation where staff has witnessed a full-bodied apparition that occasionally pulls their hair.

Bring your audio recorders, video cameras, and paranormal apps or equipment. You COULD document something anomalous.

In The City of Terrell Invisible hands may stroke your hair Shadow figures appear on the sidewalks Apparitions appear as real people Disembodied voices dance on the wind The departed interact with the living

Last Season's Spirits

Last season, the Terrell Ghost Walk conducted its second portion of the tour at a highly haunted location.  Initially, we received almost no indication of paranormal activity. However, as time passed, the ghosts began to respond more often.

The ghosts of the building and I became friends. (Yes, I became friends with the ghosts. Not the first time that’s happened either.) Towards the season’s end, I would turn on the spirit box, a device that helps energies form sentences through radio frequencies.  I would say, “Hiiiyyya.” to my spirit friends.  Almost every time, my ghost friend would respond in kind with, “Hiiiyyya.”  The group would gasp. 

More of last year’s videos to come.  I’m ready for new stories this year.

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Everything you need to know

Please arrive a few minutes early to check-in.

The first hour of the Terrell Ghost Walk includes a walk around the historic downtown area. Your tour guide will share stories, evidence, and photos of haunted buildings. See a unique, historical side of Terrell most residents haven’t seen. Photographs are strongly encouraged for this part of the tour. (Be sure to view our guest’s photos below).

Ghost Stories and Investigation 

The Side Street Restaurant, haunted location, will host the second leg of our 
fantastic Texas Ghost Tour.  This location is well-known for the repeated appearance of a masculine apparition they haven’t identified yet. Staff often feel an invisible hand gently pull their hair as if someone wanted to get their attention.

Our investigation will take place in a quiet courtyard between two haunted businesses. You can grab a beverage and order a meal to eat after the tour. 

You are encouraged to bring video cameras and audio recorders (any smartphone will do). We have a few Electromagnetic Field Meters for the group to use.  These devices are said to detect changes in the atmosphere associated with spirits. Feel free to bring whatever paranormal equipment you have.

Ghost Apps: Must Have For Millennials and Gen Zs

Several guests have recommended a smartphone app called Ghost Hunting Tools (Simulation) for Android.  There is a replica for Apple, also called Ghost Hunting Tools.  The developers claim ghosts can manipulate words, as needed, provided in the app’s dictionary.  Although our team does not endorse any specific phone apps for ghost hunting, they provide fun for guests and are often accurate.  They are both free to download.

Common Questions About the Haunted Walk

We are family-friendly, but some children are frightened by the stories.  You know your child best.

The first portion of the tour is handicap accessible; the second tour does have some door thresholds to maneuver.  

You will have access to a restroom on the second half of the tour

Food and beverages are available at the Side Street Bar and Grill. 

Food and beverages are not included in the cost of the Terrell Ghost Walk.

Please order your food before gathering in the courtyard but wait to eat it at the conclusion.  

You may RESPONSIBLY enjoy a beverage during the investigation.

The tour guide sometimes arrives completely hammered prior to the tour.  However, she is your problem at that point.

Wait Until You Meet Your Guide: Bless Her Heart

Your tour guide is an experienced paranormal investigator who has extensively researched ghostly activity in Terrell.  She even wrote a book about it:  The Ghost Stories of Terrell, Texas.  (Guests can purchase at the Ghost Walk for only $10).  Brenda Newby is trained in Critical Thinking, The Psychology of Paranormal Belief, and she is a certified field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network.  Brenda has completed some studies in parapsychology and is the team’s Electronic Voice Phenomenon specialist. 

Brenda is also one of our podcast hosts:  Terrell Paranormal Talk.

Here is a recent mugshot photograph.

Brenda Newby Paranormal Investigator

Fun Fact About Brenda: 

She is experienced in training bully breed dogs. She used techniques that often require an owner with immense confidence and a great deal of bravado.  You never get used to a dog who weighs as much as you do but has much bigger teeth.  Her boxers were trained like show dogs, and she took great pride in them.  Brenda wore her bite scars like a warrior.  Sadly, her dear friends made it to Rainbow Bridge.

She stole/rescued (a gray area) two chihuahuas.  They were street dogs.  Now they are bougie.  They act like they pay rent.  Both are out of control and have no respect for her.  

Brenda is a real piece of work.  However, she can tell a great ghost story.

When The Tour Happens

The Terrell Ghost Walk runs every Saturday at 8 PM.  Additional tours may be added depending on demand. 

We keep our groups small because it provides a better experience for our guests.  Reservations are required, and we recommend that you book early.  The tour lasts about 2 hours.  The Terrell Ghost Walk runs May through October of each year.  

Our tour has been running since 2014.

You Have to Find Us First

We meet in the parking lot across the street from Books and Crannies/Iris Theater.  You will see the Iris Theater marquee.  Our group will be visible, and you will see the mural of an airplane in the lot.  

The physical address is 209 West Moore Avenue.  It is at the cross-section of Frances Street and Moore Avenue.

See Map

High Heels Not A Great Idea:  Be Prepared.

There is a lot of walking on the tour. We cover sidewalks, alleyways, and gravel paths. Wear good shoes and dress according to the weather conditions. 

The walking portion of the tour is handicap accessible.  The indoor part of the tour may not be as many buildings are historical landmarks.

There may be stairs or uneven surfaces; please be advised.

We run the tour rain or shine.  We will cancel if there is an immediate weather warning in the area at the tour time.  If it’s raining, bring an umbrella.

We will contact you at the phone number you provided when you registered in case of cancellation.  

Reservations are limited.

Don’t wait.

Tickets will go on sale on May 1st. You can request a reservation at any of the links provided.  If you are pre-registered, you will be sent a link to purchase your tickets before they go on sale.

Tickets are $25 per person—no need to keep a copy of your reservation.  We will have your name on file.

Walk-ins can only be taken if the tour is not full.  Places fill quickly, so consider getting them early.




On many occasions, we catch potential evidence of a haunting:  A possible paranormal photograph, Communication from our devices, or other evidence of a haunting.  On two occasions, tour guides and guests witnessed what was perceived as an apparition.

I’ve had guests get spooked and leave the tour.

There are just as many occasions we get NO response.  I don’t control the ghosts, and I cannot make them interact.

These spirits know the tour guides, but only the spirits can decide to communicate.  

We are working with the souls of the departed.  We believe they choose to visit the location when they want.  They are people and should be treated with courtesy and respect.